Andhra Pradesh Med Tech Zone (AMTZ) is world’s most advanced medical equipment manufacturing and high-tech research hub. The zone is already home to most advanced medical equipment manufacturing companies and iconic scientific labs, some of which are first of their kind. AMTZ, Association of Indian Manufactures of Medical Devices (AiMeD) and Quality Council of India (QCI) have jointly established “Indian Biomedical Skill Consortium (IBSC)” to provide certification system for Biomedical Engineers in the country who serve as the backbone of the healthcare services.


IBSC aims at strengthening the Biomedical Skill Sector in the country and with this objective has developed an equivalence system of value-based assessment covering educational training, work experience and competency possessed by practioners of biomedical engineering skills. IBSC has also signed an MoU with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) to help Biomedical Engineering professionals to get international recognition. The Assessment for IBSC certification will be conducted through 50 assessment centers across India.


In this regard, we invite experienced professionals as Coordinators. A standard renumeration as per relevant government order shall be offered on fulfilling the responsibilities mentioned below:

1)      Promoting IBSC program in your respective areas.

2)      Pooling of 100 candidates for taking the IBSC assessment per month.

For further details please contact Mr. Nitturi Naresh Kumar, Technical Officer (+91 8897330990), Email ID: