Indian Biomedical Skill Certification (IBSC)

The Indian Bio medical skill consortium certifies Indian and international bio medical engineers based on their Experience, Competency and Qualification levels. The certified bio medical engineers will be highly preferred to practice profession in bio medical field and also get equivalence certification to work abroad. Initially more than 2 lac bio medical engineers from India will be benefited by this proposal and expecting 6,500 or more fresh graduates to get benefited from this platform every year.

Examination Procedures

Mode of Application: Online

Examination Pattern : Objective

Number of questions in each module :

Time Duration for 1 Module: 90 Minutes

Evaluation Procedures

  1. Minimum 60% in each module is required to qualify the exam.
  2. If any candidate has not qualified any module he/she can take re-exam in that module/modules.
  3. Three modules count as 1 unit, total 5 units for 15 modules.
  4. Every 3 years candidates need to apply for certification renewal.
  5. Candidate can gain bonus point by Continuous Professional Development(CPD) assessments.

Experience, Competency and Qualification (E,C,Q)  Equivalence

ExperienceCorresponding PointsCompetencyCorresponding PointsQualificationCorresponding Points
<3 years13 Modules 1Diploma1
<6 years26 Modules2B.E./ B. Tech2
< 9 years39 Modules3M.E. /M. Tech3
< 12 years412 Modules4PhD4
More than          15 years515 Modules5Post-Doctoral5

In the evaluation process:

  1. Experience: For every 3 years of experience is considered as 1 point, maximum 5 points for more than 15 years of experience.
  2. Competency: Qualifying in every 3 modules is considered as 1point, maximum 5 points for 15 modules.
  3. Qualification : For Diploma its 1, and post-doctoral its 5 as given in the table above.
Experience Corresponding PointsCompetency Corresponding PointsQualification Corresponding PointsProjected Score
1111 (minimum)
555125  (maximum)

Technology Competency Score(TCS)

TCS will be used to estimate the competency levels.

(EXCXQ) ScoreTCS Level
1-5TCS 1
6-10TCS 2
11-20TCS 3
21-30TCS 4
31-40TCS 5
41-50TCS 6
51-60TCS 7
61-80TCS 8
81-100TCS 9
101-125TCS 10


CPD refers to the process of tracking and documenting the skills , knowledge and experience that one can gain both formally and informally. It is a record of what candidates experience, learn and then apply. This process helps candidate record, review and reflect on what he/she learns and also helps to increase their professional networks. CPD is a continuous process to maintain technical competence, retain/enhance effectiveness in the workplace and serve the professional community at large.

Register for the IBSC Assessment

The computer-base test is offered year round, and you can register online. 

To register for assessment click here. https://ibsc-amtz.online-ap1.com